Professional Development Courses

A Professional Development short course is an effective way to expand or refresh your knowledge within Early Childhood Education and Care.

Keep up to date with current trends, hot topics, and Industry updates. PEAK Training runs these courses via live and on-demand webinars several times a month, both in the daytime and evenings.

It is a great opportunity to network and converse with other educators online and have a skilled presenter available to answer any questions you may have.

You can register as an individual or group and select as many topics as you like! You must list the names and email addresses of participants upon check-out.

Session Times and Time Zones

The session times contained in our Professional Development Calendar have been selected to fit with all Australian State and Territory time zones.

Please note that session times are advertised as AET (Australian Eastern Time).

So to determine the session time for you please see the following examples:

  • Western Australia is 2 hours behind advertised time during AEST and 3 hours behind during AEDT
  • Queensland is the same as advertised times during AEST and 1 hour behind during AEDT

If you are unsure check here for conversion information.

Request a Workshop

Full accredited units and Refresher workshops are available to be held in your suitable local venue or in our training rooms in Summer Hill at the request of the service provider all workshops require a minimum of 10 participants.


  • Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk (CHCPRT025)
  • Participate in work health and safety (HLTWHS001)